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Already myopic​
Today, most myopic children wear standard single vision lenses, which only correct short-sightedness (myopia). Stellest® lenses aim to not only correct myopia but also control its progression. Ask your Optometrist if this product is right for your child.

Starting to get myopia​
The younger a child develops myopia, generally the more it evolves and the stronger it becomes. Correct and control myopia progression with Stellest® lenses** to help your child now and in the future.



Stellest® lenses are designed with 2 ingeniously complementary parts that, when combined, have a powerful effect.

Stellest's® innovative technology​
Using H.A.L.T*** technology, Stellest® lenses create a signal that acts as a shield to slow down myopia progression.**

Clinically proven​
Our state-of-the-art 2-year clinical trial demonstrated compelling evidence of the effects of Stellest® lenses.


While myopia cannot be completely prevented there are management solutions available. Clinical studies on children show that compared to single vision lenses, Stellest® lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average when worn at least 12 hours per day every day*.​

​At Laubman & Pank, we have created a Myopia Management Plan designed to support your child and manage their symptoms using tailored products and solutions. ​

​The Myopia Management Plan consists of three price point package options. The packages provide flexibility to choose a frame style and brand and are combined with Myopia management lenses. These three options support your child’s progression from children’s frames to adult frames as your child grows.​

​The Laubman & Pank Myopia Management Plan starts at $700 for the first year and $500 for every additional year. See below Myopia Management Plan options. ​Should you have more than one child in the family starting on the Myopia Management Plan, any additional child will start at the second-year pricing.

Terms and conditions

  1. Plan not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount (including health fund discount) or benefit except for a health fund benefit.​
  2. Plan not available online. In-store at participating stores only.​
  3. Excludes: Ray-Ban wearables, Sunglasses, OO families: KATO, KATO X, Encoder, KAAST, SubZero, sale items, 3rd party contracts and safety certification fee.​
  4. Health fund benefits are subject to a customer’s policy waiting periods, annual limits and level of extras covers.​
  5. Customer must have a valid optical prescription. Customers may be required to undergo an eye test at their own cost prior to redemption of the offer if their prescription is not valid.​
  6. Plan only available once per customer per year.

*Selected frame options (e.g. $149) is based on RRP, without any discount or rebate and subject to availability and suitability​

+maximum of up to two refreshed Stellest® Myopia control lenses per year from the date of first purchase, fitted to the original frames purchased. Lenses will only be refreshed if, subject to the view of our treating optometrist at their reasonable discretion and professional opinion, your prescription has changed (from your last fitting with us) to the extent that new lenses are required. This service is available to all purchasers of the Stellest® Myopia control lenses, not just those who acquire under this Myopia Management Plan. Lenses must be replaced into original frame​

#All purchasers of the Stellest® Myopia control lenses will be offered two annual check ins, not just those who participate in the Myopia Management Plan. The review consultations are designed to maximise the efficacy of the Stellest® lenses and may include, subject to the reasonable discretion and professional opinion of our optometrists, assessing and updating your prescription, frame adjustments and general assessments.  ​

$ Ultra-Wide Digital Retinal Scan and Axial Length Biometry are subject to availability at participating stores only. Our optometrists, at their reasonable discretion and professional opinion,  will determine if the scan is suitable for you.​

& 12 months free protection of your glasses provided under our Eyewear Protection Plan (provided by Virginia Surety Company, Inc. (ARBN 080 339 957; AFSL 245579) for cover against accidental damage or theft. Further terms and conditions apply, see


*Compared to single vision lenses, when worn by children at least 12 hours per day every day. Bao, J., Huang, Y., Li, X., Yang, A., Zhou, F., Wu, J., Wang, C., Li, Y., Lim, E.W., Spiegel, D.P., Drobe, B., Chen, H., 2022. Spectacle Lenses With Aspherical Lenslets for Myopia Control vs Single-Vision Spectacle Lenses: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Ophthalmol. 140(5), 472–478.​

**Two-year prospective, controlled, randomized, double-masked clinical trial results on 54 myopic children wearing Stellest™ lenses compared to 50 myopic children wearing single vision lenses. Results based on 32 children who declared wearing Stellest™ lenses at least 12 hours per day every day. Bao, J. et al. (2021). One-year myopia control efficacy of spectacle lenses with aspherical lenslets. Br. J. Ophthalmol. doi:10.1136/bjophthalmol-2020-318367.

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