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Lenses general

From single to progressive, or reading to occupational lenses, corrective lenses offers clarity of vision, avoid fatigue, and provides comfort tailored to your lifestyle.

Types of Lenses

Single Vision

Set for one viewing distance only, which may be near, intermediate or distance.

Progressive (multifocal)

These have three main zones for distance, intermediate and reading, so users can enjoy the convenience of not having to take their glasses on and off and can view all distances in one lens.


Bifocals are sectioned into two distinct parts, which give the user clear distance and near (generally), with no transition or correction in between.


Aesthetically clear lens that provides the added benefit of Blue Violet light filtration – available with Single Vision or Progressive lenses.


Much thinner and lighter than ordinary plastic lenses, these have ten times more impact resistance than standard lenses and screen out 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Recommended for children and safety glasses, or those who are a little tougher on their glasses.

High Index

Ideal for strong prescriptions but without the bulk of the thickness, feature an anti-reflective coating and provide 99.9% UV protection.

Plastic lenses

Our standard lenses that can be given an anti-reflective coating to screen out the sun’s harmful rays.

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